Monday, October 15, 2007


So, we spent most of Saturday filming some scenes for our movie in the old Utah County Jail. When we first got there, it was creepy enough and when we weren't working, we spent some time wandering through the place. I can't say that I've ever been in a real life haunted building before, but a Provo police officer who we were using as an extra in the movie told us that the building had had a morgue in it at one point and that when it was a jail, the prisoners always used to complain of strange and frightening things. Needless to say, I was loving it. When we finished filming, we took one of the cameras and walked through the place with only a tiny flashlight and our cell phone lights. The footage is hard to see, but maybe we picked up some good stuff. Charan did find a mysterious toy in one of the rooms that freaked us out. Aside from that, the only ghostly experience was when Joel, Charan and I had a dead bird appear out of nowhere in the room we were investigating.

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Joel said...

That dead bird was creepy, man.

And let me know if you see or hear anything unusual on that recording!