Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Frozen

Most people who know will eventually see that I don't do well in hot weather. In fact, once it gets over 80 degrees, I start complaining and sweating. And then complaining about the sweating. Why am I talking about this in January, you ask? Good question. Normally, I like cold weather. Cold? Fine Snow? Better. Ice? Well... normally I don't have a problem with ice. I respect the ice, and the ice seems to respect me. (It doesn't make me slip on it like some people) But now, something sinister is happening. I've started slipping on ice much more. Yesterday, walking home, I must have slipped and almost fallen about a dozen times. This is not good. Have I lost my powers of cold weather mastery? Or is it just the ice? Is the ice betraying me? After all we've shared? The forecast does not look good, friends. No, it does not.

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Manaten Whiskers said...

The ice has turned on you. Feud!