Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Six Random Things You Meet in Heaven

Laurel tagged me. I'm not overly comfortable with people commanding me to say things, but in this case, I shall. The tag requires me to state six random things about myself. Very well, here you go.

1. I have never been to Belgium.
2. My freshman year roommate shot me in the neck.
3. My first words after being safe after a potentially lethal car accident were "I'm hungry, let's get some food."
4. I hate monkeys. I don't fear them. I hate them.
5. I have not worn corduroy pants since Kindergarten, when my mom made me wear them and I was embarrassed.
6. I once saw Pierce Brosnan at Disneyland

1 comment:

Lobbie said...

Awesome Mr. Tromphlin. Of course this invariably leads everyone to wonder at the stories behind them all...